Marriage is work, sometimes hard work, so it’s important to add lots of laughter OFTEN! Laughter ministers more than you may think. It ministers to your spouse, your kids, and even strangers. One time, we were walking back to our hotel room, cracking up about something as we approached the elevator. A gentleman was standing by the elevator and said “It’s nice to see people laughing” and that lead us to a divine opportunity to pray for a guy who was having a seriously tough time. Laughter heals hurts, changes the atmosphere, and infuses joy into a situation.

Inevitably, when we talk to couples, we end up referencing the “tale of two brains” that truthfully and hysterically explains how men and women’s brains work differently. We purchased the two-part series and literally laughed out loud so many times! Now that we are in the winter months with less sunshine and indoor date nights, cuddle up next to your sweetie and enjoy the ministry of Mark Gungor.  Whoever said Laughter is the best medicine was certainly right.