When you are at a Crossroad…

Living the abundant life is about holistic wellness. When life gets messy, get the help you need. Team C Ministries and the tools we provide are not a substitute for seeking professional assistance. God has gifted professionals to help navigate us through our physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual issues. When you are at a crossroad in your life or in your marriage, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right place.

Consult a Medical Professional

Some issues may be caused by biological irregularities. Contact your medical professional (Doctor, Dentist, etc.)

Consult a Pastor & Local Church

When you are having concerns about the direction your life is headed, talk to your pastor. Many churches offer free and low-cost assistance with many of life’s issues (Financial, Premarital, Marriage, Grief, etc). People within your local Body of Christ may have referrals for the assistance you need.

Consult a Christian Counselor

Many Christians neglect seeking professional counseling for fear of cost or shame. Most counselors accept health insurance and have low fees. Do not carry burdens on your own, seek the help you need from a Christian Counselor.

The following resources provide lookup directories for Christian counselors:

AA of Christian Counselors
Focus on the Family – Directory