Valentine’s Countdown

For many people, you feel like you just put away the Christmas decorations and now we are about 3 weeks away from Valentine’s. If you’ve had blah and routine Valentine’s day, course correct and start thinking and planning now to have a meaningful and special celebration. Maybe instead of buying a pre-printed greeting, write a [...]

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Marriage is work, sometimes hard work, so it’s important to add lots of laughter OFTEN! Laughter ministers more than you may think. It ministers to your spouse, your kids, and even strangers. One time, we were walking back to our hotel room, cracking up about something as we approached the elevator. A gentleman was standing [...]

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2017: A Year of Building Foundations

Happy New Year! As we look to the year ahead; let’s start with the foundation. A foundation is a basis upon which something stands or is supported. What are you building your foundation on? Past hurts, regrets, or good intentions? Your accomplishments, beauty, or likes on social media? Most Christians would exclaim “No Way!” But, [...]

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